What’s On Your Marketing Dashboard?

Do you have a Dashboard for your Internet business? A Dashboard on your car tells you how fast you going, how much gas is in your tank, if there is an engine problem, and how many total miles you have driven.

When you are designing an online marketing system, it’s important that you are able to track your traffic conversion and growth and have this on your marketing dashboard. I personally have a number of tools and spreadsheets that I share with my clients when I help them design their marketing dashboard.

One of the easiest and Free tools that you should have on your dashboard is Google Analytics. Google has optimized this product immensely this past year.

Google Analytics

1. helps you find the pages and links on your website that visitors click on the most.
2. tells you which site your visitor logged on before visiting your site.
3. provides visitor segmentation. You will know how many new and returning users there are to your site.
You will have geographical information of the visitor including their country, stat, city and zip code. Wow!

All of these features open the door to targeted advertising by niche and location. It will tell you whether to focus your attention on SEO or Social Media advertising like Facebook and Twitter.

To get started, create a Google Analytics account and put a custom snippet of code on your website. You will now be able to track how much time people have spent on the various pages of your website.

Total investment = 10 minutes to install

Then 10 to 15 minutes minutes every few days, perhaps twice a week to analyze the data and to make decisions that will drive your marketing campaign forward.

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