Running with Scissors

You may have heard the phrase “Running With Scissors”.  Just visualize the experience of running with scissors, and you might “Eeek”.  If you fall, you can get bruised or worse.  In the context of this post, it means “being on the edge”.  Running with Scissors can be healthy for your business as long as you do it consciously and not unconsciously.

It could be making a unique offer to your clients and offering them a group coaching package.  If this is playing your edge and you haven’t done this before, make sure that you manage that promise.  Having great Customer Service is the most important element of your business when it comes to maintaining loyal customers.  If you did this consciously, you would make sure that the systems and time blocks are in place to respond to them.

It comes down to planning.  Plan a few strategies in advance. What happens if they buy? What happens if they don’t buy?  Do you have a second offer?
Don’t over plan as that can take you from being in action and meeting your deliverability date.

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