How To Save Time, Energy, Money and Sanitys

OK, Here’s my favorite Acronym of them all.  Years ago, when I studied Engineering, the word SYSTEM was a word I associated with pages of procedures and Worklflow diagrams.  To the average person it was quite boring.  To me however, I saw Systems as extraordinarily critical for Success with nearly everything.

In the human body we have a Circulatory System and a Respiratory System,  If the heart muscle weakens or a lobe of the lung collapses, our bodies will go into breakdown mode.  Similarly, we have essential branches in business that operate on effective Systems.

Systems allow companies to expand and multiply. They allow individuals to be more creative.  Some of us even have Systems on how we get out of the bed in the morning and eventually get out the door.  That System may involve, brushing the teeth, washing face, drinking coffee, and maybe meditating on the day.

Now as I speak with clients, I hone the value of Systems by using this acronym.  Save Your Self Time Energy Money Energy and Sanity.

Where else in your own life and business, can you use SYSTEMS?

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